3M E-A-R™ Soft Corded Earplugs (Pack 200)

3M E-A-R™ Soft Corded Earplugs (Pack 200)

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  • PACK QTY: 250

  • CTN QTY: 4


  • PACK QTY: 200

  • CTN QTY: 10

  • The 3M , E-A-R, E-A-RSoft Yellow Neon earplugs are made from a slow expanding polyurethane foam materials. 

  • A plug that gives evenly distributed pressure allowing flexibility and a good seal with optimum comfort with high levels of protection, made from slow expanding polyurethane foam material and is available with a cord.

  • Attenuation Uncorded: SNR=36dB, H=34dB, M=34dB, L=31dB

  • Attenuation coreded: SNR=36dB, H=34dB, M=34dB, L=31dB

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